Corporate Trustee

SPTL is licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority to carry on the duties of a Trustee as stipulated in the National Pensions Act, 2008 (Act 766). ” We are licensed to manage occupational pension schemes, provident fund schemes, personal pension schemes and any other privately managed pension scheme as may be authorised by the NPRA. Our duties as a Corporate Trustee include:

1. Securing pension scheme registration of clients through a master trust or individual employer sponsored Schemes.
2. Assisting with the appointment of the Service Providers.
3. Developing and Maintaining Investment Policy statements and Internal Control procedures.
4. Diversification of Investments to minimize investment risk.
5. Acting as a provident trustee in financing relationships with its members
6. Discharging the duties of a trustee,
7. Processing and transferring payment requests contained in the trust, and
8. Keeping proper accounting records and members register
9. Acting as Independent Trustee for single employer schemes