Advisory & Consulting

We provide cutting edge pension advisory services to both corporate entities and individuals. Our capability extends across both defined benefit and defined contributory schemes. As a pension consultant, our starting point is to understand the specific needs of each client and propose tailor-made solutions to meet those needs in a very efficient, cost effective and sustainable manner. The advisory services provided are as follows:
Scheme Design and Implementation
SPTL assists corporate entities and plan sponsors to design, register and run pension schemes for their employees. Whether the Scheme is to be established with the objective of employee retention or to incentivise workers, SPTL is your dependable partner who will provide the expertise that will translate your ideas into a fully operational pension Scheme.
Investor Education
SPTL considers itself an important partner to our clients on their journey towards retirement. A key aspect of our responsibility as a partner is to provide clients with on-going education on investments, the pension environment and retirement that guides them to be able to make the right choices to that results in the accumulation of financial assets during their working life. As part of the investment education, clients are also made aware of their rights and responsibilities under the current legal regime for pensions.
Retirement Planning
Planning for retirement begins today and not a day before or after retirement. The quality of life an individual will live after retirement is a consequence of financial decisions taken today. As a retirement planning partner, we provide individual workers with sound and practical advice to enable them choose an affordable pension plan that will secure them a decent income after their working life and safeguard their well-being at retirement.